Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Business Digital marketing revenue falls and other keys to the sector

Digital marketing revenue falls and other keys to the sector

How has digital marketing changed since the start of the pandemic? Marketers point out the key points of the digital transition.

The digital marketing sector has been one of the most affected by the pandemic, since 80% of marketers in Spain say that, in 2020, their business has suffered losses in revenue compared to 2019. This is revealed by the report on the status of online advertising carried out by the advertising technology company Criteo to a total of 1,000 managers from markets around the world.

This scenario is not only found in Spain, but if we go abroad, 61% of marketers worldwide reported a decrease in revenue compared to the previous year. The best-unemployed countries have been Germany, which has registered only an 8% decrease in income, and the United Kingdom, with 10%, compared to 25% in Spain, 22% in the United States and 21% in France.

However, the coronavirus has caused an increase in online sales and a rapid digital transformation that, in a way, has helped mitigate the decline in revenue. In fact, 2 out of 5 marketing professionals in Spain say that COVID-19 has caused the boom in digital shopping. For example, in the retail sector, ecommerce sales rose 14% globally in December 2020.

This, in turn, has led marketers to still put more focus on sales funnels and in the buying process in general, so as not to waste any opportunity. According to 65% of those responsible for this area, the percentage of digital marketing spending in their company has increased after the pandemic.

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Changes and trends have been reflected in the reallocation of marketing expenses, a reality confirmed by 49% of the professionals surveyed. What’s more, 45% say they plan to spend more on website and app advertising, while 2 in 5 marketers expect to increase their investment in omnichannel strategies.

However, one of the weak points for 65% of marketers is the dependence on Facebook, Google and Amazon for digital marketing campaigns, as well as not contributing to spread false information or hateful content.

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