Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Director General of Bethesda Children’s Hospital: Children also need mechanical ventilation – covid could have such complications

In the case of a child, a long covid can take up to weeks or months.

Although children have to be ventilated due to the complications of the coronavirus, everyone has been saved so far, György Velkey, director general of Bethesda Children’s Hospital, told ATV News.

According to György Velkey

in the third wave, two to three times as many children were hospitalized as in earlier stages of the epidemic.

We see across the country that in the third wave, the virus is basically having the property of spreading faster, there are many more children, even those who need hospital treatment, the director general added, adding that the severity that occurs in adults is in children. very rare, but

the epidemic can no longer be considered banal even in childhood.

Velkey ​​also said that there was a case that non-invasive ventilation had to be used, mostly in obese children and adolescents, as they also have a higher risk factor. Alternatively, there is another disease in children:

is a multiorgan inflammatory disease that occurs one month after acute infection.

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Velkey ​​said the symptoms in children vary, but there may be concerns about acute viral infections, fever, loss of taste, breathing difficulties, plus their complications, the aforementioned

immune reaction such as multiorgan inflammatory disease high fever, cervical lymph node enlargement, skin rash, mucosa, conjunctivitis, as well as circulatory, respiratory failure.

For the child

long-term covid disease can also occur, lasting up to weeks or months.

Pregnant mothers also have the disease, which often leads to preterm birth, and there are even cases where the newborn becomes infected with the coronavirus. He said that

preterm classes also treat covidos babies.

In most cases, they heal, but it is a serious ordeal.

According to the director-general, there is no theoretical basis for preventing children from being vaccinated against the coronavirus, and he says that in a few months we will be there so that children can be vaccinated.

Source: atv.hu, 24.hu



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