Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Doctor arrested accused of sexual violence, he is the brother of Pietro Grasso

The neuropsychiatrist Marcello Grasso, 70, brother of the former president of the Senate and former national anti-mafia prosecutor Pietro Grasso, one of the best known and respected doctors in Palermo, was arrested on charges of sexual violence. . A custody order in prison was served on him by the investigators of the mobile team on March 30th. This was confirmed by the lawyer Vincenzo Lo Re, lawyer of the doctor who uses the theater to do therapy with his patients. “My client – declared the lawyer to the newspaper La Repubblica – did not entrench himself behind the right not to answer but answered all the questions of the judge. And he did not discredit the former patient but provided logical arguments to offer a different reconstruction of the facts ”.

The precautionary custody order in prison was signed by the judge of preliminary investigations Clelia Maltese who accepted the request made by the anti-violence pool of the Palermo Public Prosecutor’s Office coordinated by the adjunct Laura Vaccaro, The accusation against the doctor is of “sexual violence aggravated “.

The investigation started with the patient’s complaint and revolves around the neuropsychiatrist’s method who uses theater as therapy. The woman said she wore a burlesque costume in the doctor’s office where the abuse allegedly took place. The team’s investigators, after the complaint, also placed a camera in the professional’s office and are now summoning former patients to look for evidence. “Doctor Grasso – underlines his lawyer – has worked for 40 years in public structures and then privately and never any patient has complained about anything. It is a fact that must make us reflect “

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