Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Even Proud of the Racist Staff, the Owner of the Cafe Has Been Dikormas Warganet – A cafe owner in Brisbane apologizes for boasting about his racist staff in social medicine. Adapt 9News Thursday (8/4/2021), he uploaded a photo of the note with the words ‘two annoying Asians’.

In the post, he praised his staff for the choice of words used to describe their customers. “Geez, I’m proud of my staff,” he wrote.

The photo of the note was taken in a popular Froth cafe kitchen in Brunswick and has been shared on social media with the label “insensitive” and “unprofessional”.

Later, Shay Hayston, the boss who uploaded the photo on Snapchat, made an apologetic statement about this. “I personally want to apologize for the offense and the pain it has caused.”

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“I have been a business owner in Valley for over six years, personally and professionally investing in diversity.”

Racist notes against Asians. (Twitter)

“I am deeply disappointed and ashamed of my actions that went against everything I was proud of. My team and I will do better to ensure we uphold diversity and inclusiveness.”

Brisbane resident Alex, who posted the image on social media, described Hayston’s actions as “ utterly dire. ”

“Referring to someone’s race after negatively describing them is a dangerous thin line to walk, and many would say it’s racism,” he said.

Another resident named Mark said the image was 100 percent unacceptable. He also did not expect that such racist acts were committed by someone in a high position.

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“It is very inappropriate for managers to act in a way that thinks it is cool to do so,” he wrote.



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