Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Fake AirPods 3 Made Before Apple Originals

Soon you will be among the first to buy the new AirPods 3. Too bad they’re fake, since the authentic ones of Apple have not yet begun to manufacture. Instead, it seems that counterfeits are already a reality. Although it may seem unheard of, it is a situation that usually occurs, especially on soccer team jerseys.

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Every year the most important teams in the world with a great sale of shirts present a new model. Well, the normal thing is that the counterfeit new season shirts appear on the market before the official brand ones. And now it just happened to the futures AirPods 3.

The user Duan Rui has published in his account Twitter, a video where some fake AirPods 3 appear allegedly with the same design than Apple originals.

As the analyst said a few days ago Ming-Chi Kuo, the new AirPods will not go into production until the third quarter of this year, so their launch is not as close as previously thought.

Kuo also reported that the new AirPods will feature a new form factor and design “similar to the AirPods Pro,” although he did not add any further details.

More recent leaked images have indicated that while the design of the upcoming AirPods is similar to that of the AirPods Pro, the AirPods 3 will not feature replaceable rubber ear tips. This follows Apple’s strategy of marketing entry-level AirPods with a “universal” fit and the AirPods Pro like they have a much tighter fit to the ear of each user.

Apple’s new earbuds likely won’t bring other AirPods Pro features, such as mode modes. active noise cancellation and transparency, but they will bring a new charger case.

Even if the AirPods 3 are still several months away at this point, the video of the fakes shared by Duan Rui could show an exterior design quite close to what the future official AirPods 3 of the world actually present. Apple.



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