Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Breaking News False officers swindled to 2.1 million kroner

False officers swindled to 2.1 million kroner

Three men lured information about NemID from citizens over the phone, police believe. Two others are wanted.

Three men were arrested on Thursday for defrauding a number of citizens of 2.1 million kroner by pretending to be from the police.

This is stated by the Copenhagen Police in a press release.

20 times the men called people and pretended to be from the police. Many were fooled because the men called from a number ending in 1448, just as police phone numbers do.

– Unfortunately, this is a way of cheating people, which we have seen before and which we would like to warn against, says Police Commissioner Jesper Cederholm from the Copenhagen Police Department for Economic Crime.

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– It can be difficult to see through when a call is made from a number reminiscent of the police, but even if these people sound credible on the phone, the police will never ask for personal information about bank accounts and NemID.

On the phone, the perpetrators managed to rob the citizens of their personal information. Since then, they have transferred about 2.1 million kroner from the victims’ accounts, according to the police charge against them.

In addition, they are charged with attempted fraud for an additional DKK 2.6 million.

The three men – one aged 21 and two aged 23 – were arrested when the police raided several addresses in the capital area on Thursday. Police are still looking for two other suspects in the case.

– It is a serious case where some innocent citizens have been defrauded of large sums. It emphasizes how important it is that you do not hand over that kind of information if you are called up in that way, says Jesper Cederholm.

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