Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World family doctors are asked to pour out the vaccine

family doctors are asked to pour out the vaccine

«Recently I learned that some strangers in different conditions offered different family doctors from 100 to 1000 euros for the vaccine to be poured out. Because they need a certificate, they want to travel, but they don’t want to get vaccinated».

A family doctor from Liepaja made such a note recently on his twitter. The doctor indicated that he had not made such a request to her, but colleagues received such proposals. One of them agreed to speak with reporters – on condition of anonymity.

«It’s a little offensive that it is you as a doctor who are being offered this. At that moment I think: patients think that I am the kind of doctor who can agree to this.

Now, when information appeared that there will be European passports for travelers, for work abroad, everything has become much more serious – I have received such proposals. These were both subtle hints, and openly suggestions from my acquaintances, and distant friends of friends, and even my patients. They said they were willing to do anything to get a certificate of vaccination without getting it.».

The Association of Family Physicians said they had not heard of such cases. Russian Broadcasting received a similar response from the Association of Rural Doctors.

«I do not admit such a situation that a patient came to me, offered me money so that I would not give him this vaccine – but he wants me to give this certificate. This is generally a crime!“- said Kozlovska League, head of the Association of Rural Family Physicians.

«We are in constant dialogue with family doctors, they have taken on the responsibilities and mission of a doctor. I really hope that they adhere to legal and legal principles, and use all the doses available to them for vaccination“, – added Agnese Strazda, a spokesman for the Bureau of Vaccinations.

At the same time, the bureau expressed the hope that not a single family doctor will lead to possible provocations from patients. In turn, the Health Inspectorate called on to report such cases to the police and the Bureau for the Prevention and Fight of Corruption.



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