Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Home Breaking News FIFA prepares to implement its automatic offside system in 2022

FIFA prepares to implement its automatic offside system in 2022

FIFA Football Development Director Arsene Wenger said that they will be able to implement the new system that will automatically detect whether players are offside or not in 2022.

Speaking to FIFA TV, Wenger stated that in the current practice, offside positions are first transferred to the VAR system and then to the referees.

Emphasizing that an average of 70 seconds should be waited for the detection of offside, Wenger said, “In the new system, the signals will be transmitted directly to the judge. The referee will understand whether the position is offside with the red light on the hour on his arm. I think the automatic offside system will be ready in 2022. used the expressions.

Noting that they are working for the change in the offside rule, which has caused controversy recently, the French football man said, “My proposal is that if any part of a player’s body can score is in line with the opponent player, the position is not considered offside.” He spoke in the form.

Wenger added that he was behind his proposal for the World Cup to be held every 2 years.

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