Monday, April 19, 2021
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Home World former NFL player charged with five-fold murder

former NFL player charged with five-fold murder

A former athlete who commits the irreparable, for reasons to be clarified: this is the tragedy described Thursday by the sheriff of York County, South Carolina, the day after the death of five people, including two children.

Shooting in his hometown

The victims – a 70-year-old doctor, his 69-year-old wife, two of their 9 and 5-year-old grandchildren, and a heating engineer who worked outside their home – were allegedly shot with a gun by Phillip Adams, a former American football player.

A sixth person, present outside the house, was also admitted to the hospital.

The facts took place in Rock Hill, the hometown of the sportsman.

Several clues, which the sheriff did not detail, identified the 32-year-old as the main suspect in the five-fold murder.

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The thirty-something ended up killing himself a few hours after the fact, at his parents’ home, while the police were trying to get him out.

“We don’t know why it happened,” said the York County Sheriff.

A career spoiled by injuries

A former college athlete, Phillip Adams had seen his professional career marked by injuries, including concussions. He had played for the 49ers, as well as the New England Patriots and New York Jets, in particular, before ending his career in 2015 with the Atlanta Falcons.

“I think (American) football screwed him up,” his father, Alonzo Adams, told local station WCNC.



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