Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Business Freebox expands and creates Freebox Galicia

Freebox expands and creates Freebox Galicia

The communication and marketing agency opens its headquarters in Vigo with the aim of growing in the north of Spain.

When you are about to turn your first five years of life, Freebox expands to keep growing. The Madrid agency makes the leap to the north of Spain and just created Freebox Galicia with the idea of ​​emulating the trajectory of success achieved by the parent company, a young communication and marketing company that has already worked with clients at the level of Banco Santander or Repsol and with institutions such as the Junta de Andalucía or the Madrid City Council.

Jacobo Cabeza Rey-Stolle joins the Galician project, which is based in Vigo, professional with extensive experience in the sector, who will seek to give continuity in Freebox Galicia to the great modernization work that has been carried out at the head of the firm JJ Comunicación. Cabeza will have a large commercial team led by Andrés Vidal, as well as a large group of creative professionals and new media and digital technology management professionals.

Juan Carlos Carreiro, one of the three founding partners of Freebox, is the CEO of the new Freebox Galicia. Carreiro, Galician by birth, has a long history in the world of marketing, advertising and the media.

The new agency will have the support of the parent company, that will provide the work of professionals specialized in the creation and management of advertising campaigns, content strategy and generation, audiovisual production, social media management or event production and organization.

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Freebox Galicia has already begun to carry out the first works with Galician clients who have relied on his proposals such as Vidisco and Rodicut.

The expansion of Freebox in Galicia is the result of months of planning and analysis of the new communication needs that local companies have in the changing digital environment in which we operate, but without losing sight of the still effective conventional formats.

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