Friday, April 16, 2021
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French Cup. OL avoids the big mistake of taste and qualifies on penalties

In this old Bauer stadium with a proven synthetic, where the only supporters who could give a little voice were at the windows of the building located behind a goal, OL got lost, letting their National opponent return, after having taken two goals in advance in the first period.

If the objective was reached, the Lyonnais only got through on penalties, thanks to their skill in the exercise. For his part, Pollersbeck made a save, and the affair ended happily (2-2, 5-4 on penalties).

But we will have understood it, we will surely not evoke a conquest. OL were able to take advantage of opposing mistakes, in particular those of goalkeeper Adiceam to make the match easy, at least we thought, but his negligence then could have cost him more.

With a 4-2-3-1 pattern allowing Paqueta to evolve higher, in support of Memphis, with Cherki and Caqueret on the sides, OL had the ball, sought to rule out the game, but technically narrowly missed. The Ile-de-France residents had not ventured much either, and apart from a good recovery from the head of C. Ndoye, above, and especially a shot from Bizet slightly deflected for a corner by Marcelo, did not have been really dangerous.

A missed rebound from goalkeeper Adiceam was therefore going to make the task of Rudi Garcia’s men easier. Mendes on recovery, served Paqueta, covered by two defenders, and opened the scoring, scoring his 6th goal of the season (28th).

Memphis misses the ball 3-0

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The Audonian goalkeeper was going to commit a second fault, releasing the ball in the feet of Paqueta, who only had to serve Memphis (2-0, 45 ‘). It was painful for the Red Star who had more than compromised his chances. The start of the second period, with a completely missed goal by Memphis, finding Daillet’s foot on the line, after a good serve from Paqueta (54th), should have put OL permanently in the shelter. But on a reversal of play, the Ile-de-France team would benefit from Lyon’s largesse. Served by Roye, Ba managed to avoid Marcelo and adjust Pollersbeck (2-1, 61st).

Enough to change the game? Well yes… Thirteen minutes later, following a free kick conceded by Guimaraes twenty meters from his goals, Roye wrapped a superb strike under the bar and equalized. Fireworks fired outside the stadium, accompanied the scene of joy of the players in green on the field.

How could the pros have been trapped and squandered a two-goal lead? Still, the Lyonnais, forced to go around, with in particular the reinforcement of Toko Ekambi, plunged into a completely uncertain end of the match. Paqueta and Marcelo still found a foot or green to push back in front of the Adiceam line, the last most dangerous chances (82nd and 86th), but the Red Star had held, and it was on penalties that the difference would be. make. At least OL did not fail and will play the quarter-finals, the draw of which will take place this Friday evening.

Technical sheet

In Saint-Ouen (Bauer stadium), OL beats Red Star (National) 2-2 (2-0), 5 shots on goal to 4. Cool weather, synthetic turf. Match played behind closed doors.

Arbitre : M. Miguelgorry.

Goals for the Red Star: Ba (61st), Roye (74th). For OL: Paqueta (28th), Memphis (45th).

Successful shots on goal for the Red Star: Ba, Durand, Dzabana, C. Ndoye. Missed: Michel

Successful shots on goal for OL: Guimaraes, Paqueta, Marcelo, Denayer, Toko Ekambi.

Warnings for the Red Star: Daillet (48th), Michel (90th. For OL: Cherki (68th), Paqueta (86th).

Red Star: Adiceam – Labor (Doremus 46th), Karamoko, Daillet (cap), Ghabaoui – Roye (Michel 83rd), Koukou (Dzabana 59th), Ch. Ndoye – M. Ndoye, Ba, Bizet (Durand 66th). Coach: Vincent Bordot.

OL: Lopes – De Sciglio, Marcelo, Diomande, Bard (Denayer 83e) – Mendes, Guimaraes – Caqueret (Soumaré 82e), Paqueta, Cherki – Memphis (cap) (Toko Ekambi 66e). Entraîneur: Rudi Garcia.



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