Saturday, April 10, 2021
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From the evening, there are more frequent public transport services in the capital

In line with the measures taken due to the coronavirus epidemic, there is still a holiday schedule in public transport in the capital.

However, as the start of the curfew has been postponed to ten o’clock in the evening, there will be frequent flights from Wednesday evening on the busiest downtown and metro services.

Photo: Facebook / BKK

In connection with the government decree published on Tuesday evening to open shops and change the curfew from eight in the evening to ten in the evening, the flight schedule will be adjusted in several stages, in line with the expected increase in passenger traffic.

they said.

As a first step, the busiest downtown and metro connections will run more frequently from 8pm on Wednesdays. Thus, on the city center bus 5, 9 and 105, tram 47 and 49, trolleybus 74 and 76, and metro line 30, in addition, flights 85, 136E and trolleybus 80 departing from shopping malls and metro stations are also expected to increase traffic, they wrote.

In connection with the gradual restart, from April 12, additional flights will be more frequent between eight and ten o’clock in the evening, but BKK will constantly monitor passenger traffic and, if necessary, will place spare vehicles on the market.

The current holiday schedule is expected to be replaced by a school schedule on 19 April, in line with the opening of schools and kindergartens, and BKK will also maintain the previously introduced peak traffic restrictions.

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– read in the Communication.

Source: MTI
Cover image: BKK / Facebook



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