Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Frying in the Kitchen. A new show by Lidl, which changes the recipe for cooking shows on the Romanian internet

Lidl and Kubis are launching an internet-inspired cooking show designed to provide entertainment, make you laugh and promote Lidl products in an unconventional way.

The guest cooks a special dish designed for him by Chef Florin Dumitrescu. But not anyway: during the cooking, he has to go through challenges inspired by his image on the internet, and in the end he will break the stereotypes through a surprising artistic interpretation. It all ends with a giveaway for avid fans of the show.

In the first episode, released on March 25, Killa Fonic plays the role of the trapper loved by Generation Z, but not understood by the older generations. Trying to find out if Killa Fonic in real life is the same as the one known on the internet, Andrei Aradits goes through challenges inspired by his image. Finally, we discover another side of the artist: the Italian singing student passionate about Corina Chiriac’s music.

For the final giveaway, Killa Fonic challenges her fans to be creative in her comments: to write 4 romantic lyrics about her hometown, Ploiești, for the chance to win a set of Lidl knives and an album.

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And because the Japanese omelet can be enjoyed without the extra fries from the show, the recipe for the episode can also be found on the Lidl channel, in a short, internet-friendly and easy-to-watch format.

“We set out to produce for a commercial brand over 19 minutes of entertainment, with production value, which will keep you engaged and which will be different from what has been done so far in long format. You decide if it worked out for us. We are grateful to the LIDL team for this opportunity and for their confidence in the fries. There are 11 more episodes and a round project, which aims to bring to the table names from various areas and to gather more and more diverse communities around Chef Florin Dumitrescu’s recipes. We want to keep our energy and enthusiasm for what is to come, and this seems to me an important element in the production process of a long format, but also for a successful project. “, Cristina Schițco, Group Account Director.

“It is very rewarding to meet a client who not only shares the same vision with you, but also trusts your madness. How was Lidl with Kubis and the project that bears a name worthy of any copywriter’s dream: Frying in the kitchen. It’s a show that came as an absolutely natural next step in the content of a brand like Lidl, which is always experimenting with new ways of entertainment in which a wide range of products can be naturally integrated. “, Carina Toma, Group Creative Director.

The show continues with new guests, new fries and many other surprises and can be watched both on and on the LidlRomania YouTube channel.

The Lidl team:
Oana Radu – Marketing Director
Mihai Cazacu – Advertising Manager
Kati Sandu – Marketing Project Manager
Matei Gilorteanu – Marketing Project Manager
Raluca Băluță – Digital Project Manager
Ioana Dumitrescu – Junior Social Media Consultant

Kubis Team:
Carina Toma & Alexandra Horvath – Group Creative Director
Alin Marghidanu – Creative Director
Paul Crăciunescu – Copywriter
Laura Fluture – Art Director
Alina Răduț – Senior Art Director
Cristina Schițco – Group Account Director
Florina Simon – Account Manager
Ștefania Bercu – Strategic Planner
Marian Ciungu – Photo & Editor

Production: Alex Coteț & Saga Film

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Attention to the consumer context makes each communication campaign to be adapted to the interaction environment and to balance the insight with the technology, the needs of the consumer with the business objectives of the clients.



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