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George Lucas wanted every screening to feature Daffy Duck for an amazing reason

Star Wars is now fully integrated into the pantheon of mythical sagas. But originally, neither George Lucas, nor the actors of the first film suspected that the license would be such a success. With the benefit of hindsight, it is funny to imagine the turning point the saga could have taken had it not been for success. Among the aborted projects, George Lucas notably had to give up broadcasting the adventures of a certain character from the Looney Tunes before each screening of the first Star Wars… And not just any!

daffy duck could have preceded each screening of Star Wars

The confidence comes from Mark Hamill, the interpreter of the character of Luke Skywalker. According to him, George Lucas was absolutely keen to give a warm and childlike atmosphere to the first screenings of Star Wars: A New Hope by broadcasting the episodes of a character from Looney Tunes before each screening. He is a wacky character, certainly, but who does retain a link with the galactic universe.

George was absolutely keen to get this Daffy Duck cartoon classic released before every Star Wars shoot. It would have been a handy ice-breaker to let audiences know that the upcoming film was less than deadly serious. I was disappointed when we couldn’t get the rights for this to happen. #True story

the adventures of Duck Dodgers in a distant galaxy

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The cartoon that George Lucas wanted to put in before during the screenings was Duck Dodgers in the XXIV century and dust. This is a cartoon featuring Daffy Duck as an intergalactic adventurer who parodied the Space Opera films.

Given the relatively serious and dark turn the saga took afterwards, fans take the license very seriously these days. To the point of going through all the details left by the director with a fine tooth comb. However, George Lucas initially had a much more relaxed approach to his work. and did not expect her baby to take such a place in Pop Culture.

Star Wars could well have been totally wacky

With this state of mind, we were able to witness the creation of derivatives of the universe of Star Wars particularly crazy and strange. The example of the TV movie In the time of Star Wars is relevant since it’s a totally WTF feature film featuring Wookie’s family busy celebrating Christmas.

This is one of the obvious pieces of evidence that George Lucas didn’t take himself seriously at all in the first place.. The future success of the saga also pushed him to do everything to find and destroy copies of this TV movie.

Letters of nobility obtained thanks to the fans

The fan communities have, through their involvement and their passion, greatly helped to make the saga more solemn. Despite the buyout of the license, they would tear their hair out if Disney were to discredit the tone of the saga with a cartoony touch.

However, the creator of Star Wars has always wanted to reach a young audience and make his films speak to children and adolescents. This is also a fact to which he returned in a recent interview in 2017:

“Star Wars is suitable for young people around 12 years old. That’s what we claim. At that age, we are about to enter the real world. We are moving away from our parents. We are probably afraid. , we don’t know what the future holds, so here are the things we need to pay attention to: friendship, honesty, trust, doing what’s right, living in the light and not on the dark side. “

One thing is certain: the reasons why Star Wars is so timeless may lie in the fact that the films are aimed at a large audience. The themes tackled and the presence of epic scenes punctuated by intoxicating music speak as much to young generations as to adults.



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