Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Government approves extension of the new social support it created in the budget – Social Security

The Government approved this Thursday in the Council of Ministers amendments to the so-called Extraordinary Support for Workers’ Income (AERT), which was the Executive’s big bet when the State budget for 2021 was prepared, in November, and which has as reference the poverty line (502 euros), although it may consist of much lower support (from 50 euros).

The changes consist, for example, in the change of the reference period that is taken into account to assess the breakdown of the billing of the independent and managing partners, starting to be considered the first quarter of this year, which according to the Minister of Labor, Ana Mendes Godinho, implies greater billing losses.

The diploma was changed to “ensure that a comparison of the breach can be made with respect to the first quarter of 2021 where the effects of the confinement [mais] made themselves felt and allowed access to this support in a more evident way “, said the Minister of Labor. According to Ana Mendes Godinho” there are no more cumulative break requirements “and only the drop in income is considered.

On the other hand, people with a real estate heritage of 197,464.5 euros are eligible, in addition to their own home, instead of the current 105 thousand euros. The condition of resources has, however, other tighter rules on income that generally turn out to be more decisive in accessing support or not.

Independents will not start receiving less

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The Government also approved a “safeguard clause” related to the support that was approved by Parliament against the Government’s will, which come into force today.

Ana Mendes Godinho explained that the idea is that “no one gets paid less” due to the change in the reference period made by Parliament.

The Government has said that Parliament’s formula implies an additional expenditure of around 40 million euros per month, reinforcing the value of the support, and the minister did not explain to which cases she is referring.

The Minister of the Presidency revealed that the Government has not yet sent the diploma to the Constitutional Court (TC) but confirmed that it will ask for “urgency” in the successive inspection.

The Government’s idea is to pay the new amount of support in May, reflecting the legislation that comes into force today. The Executive therefore rejects the suggestion of deputies to apply the new rules more quickly.

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