Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Government raids capture Uttaradit pubs Found drugs littering the shop Examination of purple tourists’ urine for 5 cases


08 April 2021 – 12:05

Government raids capture Uttaradit pubs Found drugs littering the shop 5 travelers’ urine tested for purple color without spacing measures to prevent COVID

Special Operations Department Together with a set of special operations for the Provincial Administration of Uttaradit Bring the administrative staff Members of the Territorial Guard Volunteer Division (Or Sor.) And the Office of the Provincial Administrative Organization 6 attacked to inspect a well-known pub in Uttaradit Province in Tha It Subdistrict, Muang District, Uttaradit. Before the raids of the said pubs, Uttaradit Province had information that tourists had used drugs inside the shop. And there was no social spacing to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mr. Pholdamtham, governor of Uttaradit Province, therefore ordered the Uttaradit Provincial Administrative Division to coordinate with the Special Operations Department of the Department of Provincial Administration to investigate.

In which administrative officials have planned to close the entrance and exit of the store And attacked to check without notifying the shop in advance From the examination Around 300 tourists were found in the restaurant crowded, drinking, eating and dancing. When he saw the officer come to check Travelers with drugs are panicking. Drugs were thrown on the floor. Inside the shop, officers found sachets of ice, eczema, and ketamine, along with drug paraphernalia. Fall on the floor inside the store And in a handful of toilets, administrative officials ordered the shops to turn on lights, stop playing music and separate male and female tourists for urine testing. Purple urine number 5 cases for tourists with purple urine. Administrative staff will be taken into the treatment process.

The administrative department of Muang Uttaradit District Together with the provincial administration of Uttaradit Will offer the governor of Uttaradit Province to issue an order to close the said shop

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