Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home World Green turn for the green island. "No mine" wins in Greenland

Green turn for the green island. “No mine” wins in Greenland

It was since 1979 that the Siumut Social Democratic Party had not lost a majority in Parliament. To win the elections in Greenland was Inuit Ataquatigiit, a left-wing and environmentalist party that strongly opposed the immense Kvanefjeld mining project, the second largest deposit of rare earths, sixth in the world of uranium, one of the most important mining sites in the world , which caused the political crisis in February and the resulting early elections.

Inuit Ataqatigiit (IA) obtained 37% of the votes, while Siumut stopped at 29%. The 34-year-old leader of IA Mute Egede will therefore get the job for the formation of a government.

In Kvanefjeld, Australian Greenland Minerals, backed by the Chinese group Shenghe, has obtained an exploration license, but environmentalists have objected fearing that large-scale mining could damage Greenland’s ecosystem. Siumut had expressed himself in favor, Inuit Ataquatigiit against: now we need to understand the future of one of the most important mining projects in the world.

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The exploitation of the Kvanefjeld fields could be “a closed chapter”, Mute Egede hinted. “We want to stop the Kvanefjeld project. From the verdict of the voters, especially in southern Greenland, where the mine is located, it is evident that they oppose the project, ”said the party secretary. “We must listen to the citizens, who have expressed themselves”, added Egede, noting that the mining project will be “canceled”.



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