Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Haku Hodo reveals her strategy to penetrate Jane C. Strong buying power groups in Thailand-ASEAN

Haku Hodo reveals research findings on Genzi behavior and pointing out 4 strategies for Genzi’s heart Power groups are buying new influences in Thailand and ASEAN.

Although the Thai population has a higher proportion of older people than other generations, but we have to admit that at present, the generation Z or GEN Z with a smaller proportion Began to play a greater role and power in economic mechanisms in Thailand and ASEAN region. With more than 25% of the population of ASEAN, most of them are from the working age group to school age.

Along with the good relationship trend between the GenC group and the Gen-X group and the baby boomers. Which is a group of parents or grandparents This makes the genes an important part in guiding the purchase or subsidizing products for other generations.

Therefore, the Haku Hodo ASEAN Well-Being Research Institute (Thailand) is conducting an in-depth research on GenC behavior. (Born during the year 1997-2012 (age 24-9 years) from a sample of more than 4,500 people in 6 countries: Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam And Indonesia To find strategies to win the mind of Jane C for brands or businesses, which will be the principle of spending money in the future.

Ms. Promporn Suphattharavanich, Strategic Planning Manager at Hill Asia Co., Ltd., said the genes are often mistaken for extremists and are not very interested in society or those around them. And even with the same age as the Gen Y group But the lifestyle is different in many ways.

Promphorn Suphattharavanich

Delve into Jane Z’s “very selective” behavior

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With the fact that it was born in the age of the Internet, it makes it possible to consume all kinds of information. Coupled with the Gen-X group, which is the majority of parents, raising them with freedom of thought and action. This gave Jane C. a high opinion of her own and made a comprehensive comparison of the reasons from the auction.

As a result, the behavior of the agency group tends to “choose” the brand more than the other generations since the behavior of price comparison analysis. Product function And willing to pay more if the brand can meet expectations

However, it is equally important to show a brand stance. If the stance is too biased in one direction It can affect the selection of gensi products, so brands should take a more moral and humanitarian stance than niche politics

Influencers also have an influence on brand awareness and shopping choices. While the trend of renting products is strong, more than 94% of the Gen. group do not like renting. Because they still need stability from the ownership of various assets

Know the trend. Brand not loud, can bang.

Although Jane Z is a highly social media user. But did you know that each agency platform has different uses as follows: Facebook is used for news addicts, Instagram for sharing daily life. Follow trends and lifestyles, use Twitter as a vent Along with communicating, pushing the social flow and sticking for entertainment to relax

However When delving into the purchasing behavior of Genzi’s products, he found that There is a high purchase through social commerce. Especially on Instagram and Twitter channels.

When asked what kind of content can penetrate Jane C. Ms. Promporn Commented that the content must be concise, easy to understand, and does not require much interpretation. Because Jane Z is a group that focuses more on the media quickly than other genes.

In this regard, the marketing is tied to Jane C. There are 4 main purchasing power groups waiting for the expansion date as follows:

First, it shows that brands value consumers equally.

Secondly, the courage to communicate the brand in new and different ways on each platform to satisfy Genie. As each channel is used differently Therefore, communication must be unique or monotonous. However, brand value communication must still be consistent across all channels.

Third, the setting-up gives Jane Z an opportunity to express himself. Along with being the ideal partner of the consumer, it will be able to create a good loyalty brand from the GenC group.

Lastly Honest and honest communication combined with brand sincerity. Will make Jane C. be in control



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