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Helicopter crash with Kellner not caused by technical failure, claims survivors claim – World – News

The site of a helicopter crash near the Knik Glacier in Alaska, in which the richest Czech, Petr Kellner, died.

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The only survivor of a helicopter accident in which the richest Czech, Petr Kellner, died in Alaska in the USA, is already communicating and wants to testify. Czech photographer and snowboard coach David Horváth bequeathed that the helicopter accident was not caused by a technical failure. On Friday, the news server Novinky.cz informed about it, referring to Czech Radio (ČRo).

A spokesman for Kellner’s PPF financial group, Vladimir Mlynář, said in an interview with ČRo: “From the way we talked to David Horváth, I can only say that there is nothing to indicate a technical failure. That it was really the interplay of some unfortunate accidents, weather conditions, landing conditions. “However, he added that the accident must be assessed by investigators.

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The preliminary report of the helicopter accident investigation will probably be published by the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) as early as next week.

However, the conclusions could take a year, said Clint Johnson, chief investigator of the accident. He also said that although the surviving 48-year-old snowboarder showed his willingness to testify through a representative, he is not yet able to do so. “It will probably take a while,” Johnson told the Anchorage Daily News.

Horváth’s name, meanwhile, disappeared from the hospital’s records, where he was taken after the accident at the end of March. According to hospital spokesman Mikal Canfield, this means that he has recovered enough to be fired or has asked to be removed from the list to protect his privacy.

Investigators are currently working on the wreckage of the Airbus AS350B3 helicopter. He has already been transported to the largest city in the state of Alaska, where he is being researched by a 12-member team. So far, he has managed to get some electronics for the helicopter’s fuel system.

It stores data on pressure, speed and temperatures. The NTSB sent this electronics to a helicopter manufacturer in France for further analysis. The team also found a transmitting device that can notify rescuers in the event of an accident and give them the GPS coordinates of the machine. However, in the event of a helicopter crash with Kellner on board, rescuers did not receive any such information – for reasons still unclear.

Kellner’s luxury Boeing 737 BBJ landed at Anchorage Airport on Wednesday, April 7, sparking speculation that it had flown over a billionaire’s body. In an interview on Wednesday, the miller confirmed that the repatriation of Kellner’s remains is “in progress”.

The tragic accident happened on March 27, when the group set off by helicopter for snowboarding in open terrain. The machine crashed into a mountain near the Knik Glacier. In addition to the 56-year-old Kellner, snowboarding coach Benjamin Larochaix, pilot Zachary Russell and two mountain guides Gregory Harms and Sean McManamy were also killed, recalled Novinky.cz.

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