Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Breaking News Horse racing protest in Veliefendi!

Horse racing protest in Veliefendi!

“Horse Racing Cripples Horses”, “Not Four Legged Mint, Conscious Living With Emotions”, “Racing Animals Is Torment”, “Horse Racing Is Violence”, “No Death Race!”, “Everyone Fills His Pocket, Horses Die”, The group, holding posters that read ‘People Gambling, Horses Are Dying’, stated that they did the action to be the voice of the horses who were dying for money on the racetracks.

Some citizens from inside their cars supported the group walking with banners along the way by honking.

In the press release read by our newspaper’s writer and activist Zülal Kalkandelen on behalf of the community, “We are calling on the authorities and the public to see the systematic truth behind horse races “ The following views were given:


It is a great excitement for someone. It’s just a hobby compared to others. It’s a tradition for some. Sport for most. For some it is gambling, for others betting. Profession according to the jockeys. Passion for some rich. It comes according to horse owners. For the state, it is the door to earning. The reality is animal exploitation.

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Horse racing is a sector with an annual turnover of billions of liras. It is a sector where the state puts hundreds of millions in its coffers a month, earns taxes, and provides direct income of approximately 84 thousand people. A sector with a community of 300 thousand people, which is called “flueless industry” (!) Because of its turnover!

Considering sponsor revenues, broadcasting revenues and illegal bets, the rent is much greater … Those who carry this huge sector by running, injuring and dying jump!

Horses specially produced by breeding the stallions and mares used as breeding in the studs for large sums of money!

Horses separated from their mother soon after they were brought to the racetrack to be raised for racing!

Horses kept like slaves in dilapidated stables for years!

Sensitive horses that were captured when they should live in a herd in their nature!

Horses that are hitting their legs and bodies with pitchforks, straps or whips, beaten, cursed, when they are a little restless, do not want to race!

Horses killed by a needle after being injured on the racetracks and denied the right to live by saying “put to sleep”!

Horses sold to slaughterhouses, whose bodies were put on the market as illegal “meat”!


Horse racing, where everything is told with speed and money, is an industry where everyone, except horses, wins more or less sooner or later. Being a champion, ranking, winning trophies do not care about horses who pay them with their lives. If you let go, they would run in their natural habitat, live in herds, wander and graze on the grass, mate with their fellows and raise their foals whenever they want. Horse racing, on the other hand, is an exploitation scheme. Those who earn money from this cruelty shamelessly call it “four-legged mint”!

We are here today protesting horse races because of the cruelty and exploitation of animals. We are here to be the voice of horses dying on the racetracks and denied their right to life. We are calling on the authorities and the public to see the systematic truth behind horse races.

Horses belong to nature, not tracks!

Independent Animal Rights Society



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