Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Technology How are software updates?

How are software updates?

LG announced a few days ago that it was going to close its smartphone division worldwide. The company that has always set trends in this branch of technology, started to lag behind and its latest bolder concepts ended up not winning over the public.

But now, with the end of the smartphone division, how are updates to the models already available on the market?

The end of LG in the world of smartphones

It was on the 4th of April that LG came to officially confirm what was already known. The company is closing its mobile business unit, which should be concluded on July 31, guaranteeing the fulfillment of its contractual obligations with operators and partners.

According to the company, the smartphone market is highly competitive and this output will allow it to concentrate resources in areas of growth such as components for electric vehicles, smart homes, robotics and artificial intelligence, in addition to business-to-business solutions. , platforms and services.

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In stores you can still find LG smartphones that are in stock even after the announced date.

How are the updates?

For those who have purchased a smartphone from the brand relatively recently, it is evident that one must have already questioned the future of updates with this decision. The investment in a smartphone is high and requires brands to ensure that it works at its fullest for a few years.

LG has already come to guarantee that these updates will be guaranteed for three years. However, not everyone will be covered by this decision.

As you can read in the statement shared today, LG will guarantee a maximum of three iterations of updates to the Android operating system and security from the year of purchase of premium smartphones.

Therefore, this update program now announced is aimed at the top smartphones from LG launched from 2019. These models are integrated in the G and V series, in addition to the Velvet and Wing models. In addition, the LG Stylo and K series models will receive two operating system updates.

Remember some of the technologies brought by LG for smartphones



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