Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Breaking News How many more sparrows of COVID will perceive?

How many more sparrows of COVID will perceive?

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09 April 2021 – 10:29

How many more sparrows of COVID will be perceived? (Click to watch video)

Covid-19 catastrophe New waves of new waves Occurred again from the cluster of entertainment venues in Bangkok, metropolitan and many provinces. This creates a frightening to the people of all groups and this time there are many dimensions to be criticized. Both the subject of the virus At the specialized center, the Chulalongkorn University Medical Council identified COVID-19 found in entertainment venues. It is an English breed Outbreaks 1.7 times faster than normal species, or diffusion issues that differ from The first round of COVID during the period of Mar.-Apr. 2020 has an outbreak from abroad. But the hilarity is Boxing Stadium Cluster That spread throughout the country Causing severe, severe damage As a result of the lock-down aftermath, some businesses were completely ruined, some businesses at present were still unable to stand up. Or still lick the wounds

The second round of COVID from the end of 253 to the beginning of 2021 came from migrant workers who had smuggled through the border. Until a cluster of fish rafts Samut Sakhon Prawn Market And expand to nearby provinces until spreading to other provinces Not only did I still find the cluster Eastern gambling Mix Causing the economy to collapse and then collapse again

The third round of COVID Or will it be called a satirical irony of the state as a new outbreak of a new wave Is caused by rust in the flesh It is the lax of the people of the country. That when the situation is light, they go out to enjoy the night, eating, drinking, singing and enjoying Neglecting to keep a distance Until becoming a cluster of Thonglor entertainment venues And many other places at this moment

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And round 3 is considered special, put 3 eggs because before The person caught as a vendor Or the middle class to the bottom of this round, the work entered the large number of celebrities, singers, artists, athletes, police, prosecutors, politicians, chasing to the PR girl Pretty girl is an epidemic in the middle to high class. Many famous people have fallen victim to COVID, such as Sak Siam Chid likes his big brother in Buriram. Or Seth Kai Oo – Lt. Gen. Sansern Kaewkumnet ‘Director-General of the Public Relations Department and many others

Of course, someone asked for responsibility from the people of state power. That there will be any action on Are people who bring the infection to spread to some people or not? Including trying to hijack every COVID-infected person to reveal a detailed and clear timeline The more being a public person such as a politician, a civil servant or an entertainment person, must disclose Set a good example for society.

At the same time, the ministerial minister of Dr. Sia Nu – Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, the owner of the Amata phrase. COVID sparrow That are being heavily watched by the public As an administrator of the Ministry of Public Health And also a person close to the Minister of Sak Siam as well And even after going to be examined, no infection was found But still not failing, there is an issue that takes off the mass for a while while drinking water Until becoming a drama in a very serious world

However, every time a COVID outbreak occurs. Often caused by laxity The cards fall and have no consciousness. Is not different from the saying that How many more waves of COVID will be realized? Be able to perceive

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