Saturday, April 10, 2021
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IA election victory gives Danish hope for political stability in Greenland

Martin Lidegaard (R) hopes that the outcome of the election in Greenland can help secure more investments.

The result of the recent Greenlandic election is received with satisfaction among several of the political parties in the Folketing.

The left-wing party Inuit Ataqatigiit (IA) becomes the largest party in Inatsisartut, parliament, thus gaining the opportunity to form a government. It comes after a period of internal unrest among the long-running Siumut ruling party.

Kim Kielsen was deposed as chairman of Siumut last year, but he still continued as Greenland’s head of government until the election.

Greenland’s rapporteur Martin Lidegaard (R) hopes first and foremost for more stability in a future government.

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– In the case of Denmark, I hope that we get a government that is involved in developing the cooperation, so that we can hopefully help to provide more investment to Greenland and greater influence on Danish foreign and security policy.

– So that Greenland can achieve greater real independence within the commonwealth that I hope we will have for many years to come, he says.

It is not yet known who the IA will try to form a government with, after the party received 36.6 percent of the vote and 12 of 31 seats.

IA, which was responsible for the government from 2009 to 2013, went to the polls, among other things, not to go further in extracting rare earths from Kuannersuit / Kvanefjeld in South Greenland.

The mining project has been seen by some as a possible economic adventure for Greenland, by others as harmful to the climate.

– I think, and most economists and experts agree, that Greenland would be better off financially by investing in both fishing and tourism and less in mining, says Martin Lidegaard.

– Simply because it is difficult to obtain as much labor in the small local areas in Greenland as is needed for larger mining projects.

– I think this is a sensible way to go, but I leave it safely to the Greenlanders themselves, he says.

SF’s Greenland rapporteur, Karsten Hønge, is also satisfied with the outcome of the election.

– New stable direction for Greenland, and focus on climate, nature, environment and social justice, he writes on Twitter.

The Unity List’s political spokesperson, Mai Villadsen, notes that IA has announced that the party wants Greenland included in the Paris Agreement, which is about lowering greenhouse gas emissions to limit global temperature rise.

– This is an important step for solidarity and not least the climate and nature, she writes on Twitter.

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