Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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If the PO returns to power, Poles will face hard work and sacrifices.

It can’t be clearer, if the PO returns to power, Poles will face hard work and sacrifices.

1. In a situation when most journalists are concerned with whether the phone of President Andrzej Duda was connected or not, during his conversation with the King of Jordan, they do not notice the numerous statements of PO politicians, in which hard announcements are made of “sweat and tears” for Poles after this party returns to power in our country.
Earlier, there were announcements of politicians from this milieu that now it is necessary to agree that no election program will be implemented, the key task of the united opposition is to remove Pis from power and a kind of “cleaning up” after these governments.
There were also announcements of liquidation, the liquidation of the CBA, the Institute of National Remembrance, voivodeship offices, and two months ago, the leading politicians of the Platform, even with the participation of the President of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, started collecting signatures for the draft act to liquidate the TVPInfo news television (the initiative probably did not enjoy special interest, because so far, no information has been given about how many of these signatures have been collected and when this civic project will go to the Sejm).

2. During these days, Senator Barbara Zdrojewska “beat” all these program proposals and wrote on one of the social networks: “Instead of asking only if the opposition is ready to take power, let’s also consider whether the society is ready for a government that promises hard work. and austerities. You cannot ignore what PiS has done to people in their heads with its irresponsible populism ”.
This irresponsible populism is probably: the 500 plus program for each child, lowering the retirement age, the 13th and 14th retirement pension, the layette program for each student (the so-called 300 plus), the so-called maternity pensions or free medicines for people aged 75 plus.
Perhaps irresponsible populism is also the introduction of a minimum hourly wage, regular annual increases in the minimum wage (for 5 years of PiS rule an increase by nearly 50%), or annual increases in minimum pensions and pensions (for 5 years of PiS rule an increase by nearly 40%).
Even in the opinion of PO politicians, irresponsible populism are even large infrastructure investments such as; a submarine tunnel connecting Świnoujście with the mainland, a ditch of the Vistula Spit, or the construction of the Central Communication Port.

3. If we enrich these “significant” declarations of Senator Zdrojewska about hard work and sacrifices with the insights of another leading politician of the Platform, MP Agnieszka Pomaska, about the fact that “the largest EU countries have shared vaccines with countries such as Poland and that it is for this reason that vaccinations in Germany is going so poorly ”, it is clearly visible that the PO has so far failed to understand the reasons for its failures in the next elections: parliamentary, presidential, European and local elections.
It clearly announces that if voters allowed her to return to power, the statement of their financial guru, Minister Rostowski, that “there is no money and there will be no money” will reign again, which means the liquidation of all social programs introduced by Law and Justice.
In order to ensure such a “tightening” of the budget, it will be necessary to return to the accelerated privatization of the state-owned “family silver”, the most profitable companies of the State Treasury, as well as hundreds of thousands of hectares of land owned by the State Treasury, the sale of which was completely blocked by the law and Justice.

4. Poles should know this, because many of them believe that the change of government does not threaten to take away the achievements to date, introduced by the rule of Law and Justice for five years.
These people often say that all these programs are introduced by law, so it will be difficult to change these laws, and if the opposition parties form a new government after the elections, they will not dare to do so.
Nothing could be more wrong, they will not only dare but also do it, because there will be less and less budget money (the tax privatization mechanism, which flourished during the PO-PSL rule in 2007-2015, will return), what is more, they are already announcing that Poles need to get used to hard work and sacrifices again.

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