Friday, April 16, 2021
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If you watch sports, it’s only on the OLED screen. What to look for when choosing a TV set?

Before buying, however, it is worth quickly calculating the distance between us and the screen. The positioning of the couch relative to the TV is very important, and a comfortable value for 55 inches would be 231 cm from the screen. You can calculate this yourself, assuming that for every inch of the diagonal there is 2.1 cm of distance between the TV and the viewer. OLEDs in this context have one more advantage. It is all about wide viewing angles, which means that every person, even if they are not sitting in front of the screen, can enjoy great image quality. Unfortunately, in the case of LCD matrices, if we do not sit directly in front of the matrix, we deal with loss of color and the formation of distortions.

Let’s say goodbye to blurry image

There is one more feature that is definitely worth knowing about. It’s about OLED Motion Pro, which keeps your sporting events flowing smoothly. It works by inserting black frames to eliminate smudging. The a9 Gen4 AI processor is responsible for this, whose task is to adjust the TV settings to the displayed image. So you can be sure that even if we forget to switch to the sports mode, the TV will do it for us, because the deep learning algorithms will analyze the displayed content and select the correct set of picture and sound settings. Thanks to this, we will not have to adjust the screen settings every time we switch the channel. In turn, the icing on the cake is the Sports Alert function, i.e. a notification system that will remind us of the upcoming games or matches.

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