Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Technology Ikea and Sonos want to hide their speakers behind your tables

Ikea and Sonos want to hide their speakers behind your tables

Ikea and Sonos will once again join forces to create products halfway between pieces of furniture and speakers. There would in particular be a table / speaker whose goal would be to offer a quality audio system camouflaged in everyday elements.

Ikea wants to become a major player in the connected home. The Swedish group has already made a name for itself with its plugs and connected bulbs, but it is its collaboration with the giant Sonos that is talking about it again at the beginning of April 2021.

According to The Verge on April 6, the two companies are preparing to release new products in the line of the Symfonisk shelf and lamp released in 2019. The idea is still the same, to melt a speaker system in everyday objects to make them in some ways “invisible”.

A painting / enclosure?

And if the latest products had not completely convinced us, the new project nicknamed “Titan” is intriguing. Sonos and Ikea would indeed have in the pipes a kind of table / speaker that could both brighten up your interior and play music. The idea would therefore be to use your favorite photos or paintings as a speaker to enjoy correct sound without cluttering your living room with accessories that are not necessarily aesthetic. A second version of the Symfonisk lamp speaker is also planned.

The 2019 Symfonisk range // Source: Numerama

Details on the Titan project are still scant. According to The Verge, it could be a wireless system that could be hung behind Ikea posters or even an all-in-one product, where the frame and the poster itself would act as one. as a speaker.

The Ikea strike force

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The idea is not entirely new. Some companies like Soundwall already market such products which take the form of a decorated aluminum plate that moves to produce sound. We have also seen a similar idea on some Sony TVs where the entire panel acts as a sound system.

Only downside, this kind of product is still very expensive to produce and Ikea is not known to sell furniture for several thousand euros. The track of the wireless module to add to an existing frame therefore seems more likely.

Anyway, the idea of ​​hiding speakers in everyday objects remains interesting and could improve the television experience by providing a quality sound system that is easy to use and does not clash with the rest of the decoration. . The Titan project goes even further than the first salvo of Symfonisk product since the speakers would this time be invisible at first glance.

The Swedish furniture giant has the strike force necessary to democratize this kind of idea, but the price and the sound quality still have to be there.

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Sonos / Ikea

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