Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Home World Ikea: The terms of the opening have been announced

Ikea: The terms of the opening have been announced

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The IKEA stores in Örs vezér tér and Budaörs will open their doors on April 9, and in IKOK in Soroksár on April 10. In order to make a safe purchase, the furniture store will introduce a 15 square meter visit limit for one customer, as well as a new visitor counting system, writes Lakáskultúra.

IKEA reopens its stores in Hungary. In addition to the usual opening hours, customers are expected in Budaörs and Örs vezér square from Friday (April 9) and in Soroksár from Saturday (April 10).

To reopen as responsibly as possible, IKEA will introduce a 15 square meter visit limit per customer, and a new visitor counting system will come into effect. This allows shoppers to check the current free capacity of the stores on the website in advance. There can be 1,100 people in the Örs vezér tér store, 1,000 in Budaörs and 1,300 in Soroksár at the same time. To maintain a safe distance, IKEA has designated clear waiting points in areas where congestion has been experienced in the past.


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Inside the store
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IKEA asks its visitors to come to the stores only for shopping and, if possible, alone. In addition to the opening, the “Click and Take Over” and “Home Delivery” services will be operational, as well as the “Assembly” and “Second Life of Furniture” services will be available again.

IKEA’s Restaurants, Cafés and Playhouses will also remain closed. The Swedish Delicatessen will be open and you can buy takeaways from the Bistros.

IKEA asks its customers to:

• visit stores for shopping purposes only and, if possible, come alone;

• keep 2 meters apart in and in front of stores;

• observe the rules of hygiene: use external hand sanitizers, wear a mask to cover the nose and mouth;

• if they can, wait for the products to be returned.

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