Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Home Technology PS5 available on GameStop today, don't miss it!

[IN AGGIORNAMENTO] PS5 available on GameStop today, don’t miss it!

Update 15:16: waiting room open! Make sure you don’t close or refreshare the waiting page!

After a month of March to say the least crackling in terms of the availability of PlayStation 5, it was expected that with the month of April GameStop had run out of stocks of the console. Well it is not so, and after a week of stop, perhaps caused by the imminence of the Easter holidays, with today the portal returns to offer us the coveted PlayStation 5, offering us a new round of purchases with stocks, as always, very limited.

»Click here to buy PlayStation 5«

By now the modalities are well known to all, but we reiterate once again that this is not a “free” purchase, since the console will be yes for sale a starting at 3:30 pm today, but it will first be necessary to go through a digital waiting room, which will open approximately 3:15 pm. From here, you will be automatically queued for access to the site, and only when your turn comes you will have the opportunity to access the sale of the console.

As for the versions of the console for sale, GameStop will give you the opportunity to purchase both the console in “classic” format, that is with a player for discs, and in digital format (and therefore without a reader), as well as through 3 differenti bundle, which will allow you to have packages with which to immediately start playing by testing the next gen Sony. I bundle sono 3, and it is already possible to know what they will consist of:

  • Bundle 1: PS5 Digital Edition + 2nd DualSense Wireless Controller + Content Remote Control + HD Camera, all for sale at 569,98€
  • Bundle 2: PS5 Standard Edition + 2nd DualSense Wireless Controller + Demon Souls + Outriders – Day One Edition, all for sale at 724,98€
  • Bundle 3: PS5 Standard Edition + 2° Controller Wireless DualSense + Godfall + Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Ultimate Edition + Immortals Fenys Rising – Shadowmaster Edition, il tutto in vendita a 734,89€

That said, let’s clarify once again that it is not possible for us to offer you certain information regarding the quantity of consoles available in this new stock, however, it is reasonable to think that 3 bundles are available, for a total of 5 purchase options, GameStop has a good supply of consoles at its expense, it is clear that the demand will far exceed the offer and the basic versions will, as always, sold out within a few minutes.

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In any case, once again we suggest you do not miss this opportunity, given that the persistent shortage of components caused by the COVID-19, could – as you know – prevent a return to normal at the end of 2021, if not even until 2022! Having clarified this, we invite you once again to take advantage of this opportunity to immediately buy your PlayStation 5, it is clear that we at Tom’s we will keep the situation under constant control and we will update the news as soon as there is an opportunity.

»Click here to buy PlayStation 5«

»Click here to buy PlayStation 5 Digital Edition«

»Click here to buy Bundle 1«

»Click here to buy Bundle 2«

»Click here to buy Bundle 3«

Finally, we remind you that if you are further looking for discounts, there is no better place than ours four Telegram channels dedicated to offers, where we will offer you in real time all the best promotions related to Offers, Hardware & Tech, Apparel and Sports and Chinese products. Happy shopping and good luck!

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