Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Breaking News In February, the government considered evacuating a girl from Syria

In February, the government considered evacuating a girl from Syria

Expert assessment led the government in February to consider evacuating a girl from the Al-Roj camp. It did not happen.

After prolonged opposition, the government only recently agreed with a majority in the Folketing to investigate the possibilities of bringing children with Danish connections home from the Syrian prison camp Al-Roj.

But now Politiken can reveal that the government already more than two months ago considered evacuating one of the children. It’s about a 4-year-old girl suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder – or just ptsd.

The explanation must have come from Foreign Minister Jeppe Kofod (S) at a closed consultation in the Folketing on 4 February. The policy is familiar with the contents of a note from the conciliation.

According to the memo, Kofod explained at the consultation that on 28 January the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had received an assessment from a Danish expert in child psychiatry.

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The ministry had asked the expert to review previous medical assessments where the girl had been diagnosed with ptsd.

With the Danish expert assessment as a starting point, the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated the following in the closed consultation:

Against this background, it is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ assessment that the girl falls within the government’s line for when a possible medical evacuation to Denmark should be considered, writes Politiken.

Despite this, the girl remains in the Al-Roj camp more than two months later.

To Politiken, the Foreign Ministry’s press service informs that the minister has no comments, as he does not comment on personal matters.

In addition, the Ministry will neither confirm nor deny the content of discussions at closed consultations.

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