Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Infosecurity: Matovic’s conspiracies call into question trust in state institutions – Domestic – News

Prime Minister Igor Matovic during a press conference at Kosice Airport after the arrival of the aircraft with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine on board.

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The conspiratorial statements of former Prime Minister and current Minister of Finance Igor Matovič (OĽaNO) are dangerous because, during the pandemic, they call into question trust in state institutions such as the State Institute for Drug Control and the Ministry of Health. This was stated by the non-governmental organization Infosecurity.sk in its profile on the social network.

She thus reacted to the status in which Matovič wrote that the Russian vaccine Sputnik V was “playing a dirty game”.

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According to Infosecurity, Matovič’s words give the impression that there are some secret conspiracy forces operating in Slovakia that are lobbying against Sputnik V and thus also against the interests of the people. “Matovič does not provide any evidence of his claims or the details of that mysterious group of people, he is left with the vague notion of ‘someone’,” the non-governmental said.

The organization also pointed out that his statements were noticed by the Russian media. The Russian agency TASS, which referred to the words of Igor Matovič, wrote that influential political forces in Slovakia are trying to disrupt the vaccination of the population with the Russian substance Sputnik V, whose first doses came to the country in early March.

“However, the Minister conceals one key fact, and that is that the Ministry of Health decides on the use of the vaccine under the leadership of OĽaNO nominee Vladimír Lengvarský. The State Institute for Drug Control only provides the Ministry with a recommendation, ”says Infosecurity. Infosecurity also sees the danger of the statements of the former Prime Minister Matovič in the fact that they question the work of Slovak scientists who checked the vaccine as standard.

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