Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home Technology Interesting Chrome services with AR support by Google

Interesting Chrome services with AR support by Google [Video]

İnternet you have to Google, today Chrome Android It introduced the interesting AR, augmented reality services prepared specifically for the version.

These capabilities built on Google ARCore Floom, Measure Up, Sodar and Picturescape as mentioned.

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These services are directly Chrome for Android can be used over. Services WebXR with Google Maps based on Floom, it allows people to see what is happening opposite to where they are.

This feature basically detects your location and runs a virtual tunnel inside the Earth, bringing you what’s on the other side. This looks really interesting and fun.

From the features Measure Up, allows people to measure the size of objects in their environment using device cameras. This also seems very useful.

Google signed Sodar It was prepared specifically for the Covid-19 era to measure and determine social distance using cameras.

Picturescape while Google’s “Photos” allows users to view their photos in the service with augmented reality technology. All of the features are clearly conveyed in the video above.

It may attract your attention

These Google signed AR content does not work on all Android phones

You can reach ARCore supported Android phones directly from here, where you can experience this experience.

The internet giant that really attaches great importance to AR technology and has made similar systems available before Google, to this area Apple It is one of the biggest names that make high investments.



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