Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World Intervention of Rubicon at the house of Evangelatos and Stefanidou in Kifissia

Intervention of Rubicon at the house of Evangelatos and Stefanidou in Kifissia

The feminist section of “Ruvikonas” intervened in threes outside the house of Nikos Evangelatos and Tatiana Stefanidou in Kifissia on Thursday night, accusing them of “rinsing” the government through their programs, among others.

See photo from the intervention:

The announcement issued by Rubicon:

Tatiana Stefanidou and Nikos Evangelatos provide dirty services of deception, disorientation and laundering to the corrupt governments, like a well-paid laundromat.

Stefanidou is a private television presenter specializing in concealing, rinsing and reproducing gender and racist stereotypes. Recently, the way in which she dealt with the case of the pedophile Dimitris Lignadis, but also of the Greek MeToo, reminded us once again that with her infamous approach to burning issues she has ended up being a disgusting face of Greek showbiz. Stefanidou’s career for the last 20 years, sometimes presses on the deportation and moral abuse of oppressed and helpless people and sometimes on the brutal rinsing of criminals and now emits an unbearable stench. He tried to disguise the child rapist Lignadis sideways, commenting on the image of his face during his arrest, describing him as “desperate”. Thus camouflaged, the public image of the perpetrators is usually washed away on TV shows, where the reversal of reality is attempted and the perpetrators are presented as people who were destroyed, whose careers ended, who became victims from perpetrators. In the Lignadis case, he spoke of his tired eyes and his psychological and physical fatigue on the night of his arrest: “The mask hides the face, the hat hides the hair, but the look is a talking look. It is the gaze of fear, anxiety and despair; the eyes are the mirror of the soul “. He describes him as terrified, anxious and emphasizes the difficult night he spent in detention. In this way, Stefanidou invokes emotion, trying to provoke pity in the face of the rapist. She presents him as a victim. He downplays lawsuits, public complaints and accusations against him in a hateful way. It restores the perpetrator morally, completely disregarding their actions and effects on the souls and bodies of their victims. Victims who lived carrying the wounds inflicted on them by their rapist and abuser, while he enjoyed and exploited the privileges of his position. Tatiana chooses to rinse, chooses to hide, chooses to take a position creating a climate of compassion for Lignadis. She recognizes the influence that her speech can have on the public and exploits it to her advantage by serving the interests of her, her friends and her superiors.

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Of course, Stefanidou has a lot of experience as a sad apologist for gender-based violence. How much downstream does it take to ask the question “do you agree with the jeweler’s reaction?” asking the public to come to a conclusion as to whether Jacques was rightly murdered and the jeweler acted in the context of “legal defense”. In the car accident of Jason from an official vehicle of the Bakoyannis guard, Tatiana similarly disputes the tragic truth, blaming the victim of the fatal car accident. In complete harmony with the government’s interests, he challenged a reality recorded by cameras and eyewitnesses. The downstream does not go lower. These characterize slandering the dead.

In defense, then, of all the victims who have been cannibalized by Stefanidou and Nikos Evangelatos, it is time to call the murderers, murderers, rapists, rapists and victims, victims. And to show that the dregs that support and disguise a rotten system belong in the garbage, where Stefanidou was once looking for her next topic. It is clear that Stefanidou and Evangelatos are moving on common axes and common tactics. They take advantage of the public step and the influence they exert through it, propagating whatever is convenient and serves the dominant narrative. They are the people whose bank account is inflating to tell us about the “free” look of Lignadis, the nocturnal jeweler who defended his shop, to make a gallop about the murder of Zak and then another gallop about abortions, which indirectly trying to contain the wave of allegations of sexual violence. Because as much as they want, our memory and mind has not been tarnished by the television garbage they serve, Evangelatos is the one who took out the killers of Golden Dawn in his shows and legitimized criminals like Kasidiaris and Panagiotaros in the eyes of the viewers. He is the one who gave a step to the murderer of Eleni Topaloudi and the child rapist of the 11-year-old athlete. He is the lacquer of the system, who after pocketing 869,000 euros from the Petsa list, came out to talk to us about Petsa’s hair, about the ideal conditions prevailing in the classrooms in the midst of a pandemic, to tell us that the Roma do not count in his cases virus and to point the finger at us for individual responsibility, at the time when Stefanidou was ripening that the citizens were beating police officers. They are the bastards who do not hesitate to rinse Jason’s dolphin. They are the ones who add their own culprit to all these crimes.

They have chosen a side and even the wrong side. We choose to stand by those who went against fear and targeting and chose to break their silence and expose figures from the television industry and theater who until recently considered themselves invulnerable and had rested in the security of the power provided to them. their position. We are on the side of the Law and we will fight so that the unrepentant bastards and their apologists can not stand anywhere.



Rubicon Feminist Sector



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