Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home World IOC President Thomas Bach pays official visit to the Athens Olympic Museum

IOC President Thomas Bach pays official visit to the Athens Olympic Museum

The Olympic Museum of Athens, which will open its doors to the public as soon as the ban on indoor cultural venues is lifted, was visited by Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), during his two-day visit to our country, as announced .

The President of the IOC was welcomed at the new Museum, which was created by Lamda Development, by Odysseas Athanassiou – Chief Executive Officer, together with Ms. Melina Paizi – Chief Development Officer, Iro Hadjigeorgiou – Development Manager and Maria Papaioannou – Director of the Olympic Museum Athens.

On his first visit to Athens since being re-elected President of the IOC until 2025, Thomas Bach visited the new Museum, housed within the Golden Hall Mall under the auspices of the Greek Olympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee. is a member of the International Network of Olympic Museums.

Thomas Bach arrived at the venue, accompanied by Spyros Capralos, President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee and a member of the IOC, along with important representatives of the Greek and International Olympic Family. Present at the visit were Messrs. Panos Tzivanidis – ILO Events Director, Marc Adams – ILO Communications Director, Giannis Exarchos – CEO of Olympic Channel, Marianna Drakopoulou – IOC Manager for Protocol & IOC Members, Marina Baramia-IOC Chief of Protocol & PA to the IOC President, the Manolis Kolimbadis – G.G. EOE and Tenia Mavropoulou – Director of EOE.

After the greetings, a tour of all areas of the Museum followed, which now houses a significant part of the Olympic heritage of Greece. The Athens Olympic Museum was created to highlight Athens as the Olympic capital, promoting the value of the Olympic events it hosted.

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On behalf of Lamda Development, Odysseas Athanassiou stated: “We are honored to welcome the President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Thomas Bach and the other members of the IOC, at the newly established premises of the Olympic Museum of Athens. It is a vision that turned into a multi-layered, narrative revival of the history of the Games. Our cooperation with both the Greek and the International Olympic Committee was crucial for the creation of the museum. The museological study and the creation of his collection could not be completed without the contribution and support of these two bodies. We hope that soon, we will have the pleasure to share this experience, opening the doors of the unique Exhibition of the Olympic Museum of Athens, with the whole world, thus honoring our country, the country that gave birth to the Olympic Games. We are sure that the new Olympic Museum will be a pole of cultural attraction for visitors from all over the world and will contribute significantly to the international promotion of Athens and the promotion of the Olympic Ideal “.

Photo source: Announcement Lamda Development – Athens Olympic Museum



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