Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Technology iPad Mini 6 will be disappointing in design, according to the leak

iPad Mini 6 will be disappointing in design, according to the leak

A soon from Apple iPad Mini 6 model is also expected to arrive. A leak made some upsetting for the design of the model.

As you can see on the page iPad Mini 6, It will appear with a wide-bezel design like the other iPad Mini.

In other words, the model is on the way with an outdated design similar to the old iPad Mini it will replace. However, people expected the new model to eliminate the frames.

Everyone thought the new iPad Mini would look like iPad Pros. However, the leak eliminated this completely.

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The model, which has a single camera behind it according to the leak, does not seem to attract much attention with this design, although it has a unique audience.

The fingerprint sensor of the iPad Mini 6 is also located in the middle of the frame under the screen. In other words, a Touch ID system positioned on top like the new iPad Air does not wait for us in this model.

AppleRemoves the frames and leaves the step of making the most of the unit area only for large-screen models.

iPad Mini 6

It may attract your attention

Apple iPad Mini 6 tablet model will not come alone

As part of the first event, Apple will also be introduced to its new iPad Pro models.

You can also see these tablets in the images above. Their designs will be as modern as the current iPad Pros. These two models are on the road with 11 inch and 12.9 inch screens.

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