Friday, April 23, 2021
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Home Technology Is Abandoned Kojima's new game? Mystery revealed

Is Abandoned Kojima’s new game? Mystery revealed

Yesterday night a trailer released on the official PlayStation YouTube page has shocked the web, We are talking about Abandoned new horror coming soon on PS5 (you can see the trailer by clicking this address). Many began to think that this work was one of the so many jokes created in doc by Hideo Kojima to present his next project. People then began to speculate, but it seems that the mystery has already been revealed.

We know how Hideo Kojima’s next project is horror-themed, and it is absolutely plausible to deduce that an anonymous title like Abandoned could be some kind of publicity stunt conceived by the Japanese Director, but let’s go for points. First of all the study, Blue Box Game Studios a new independent team whose logo is strikingly reminiscent to say the least of PlayStation Studios. No social channels, no website, nothing at all, this immediately made us think of another joke by Hideo Kojima a bit like it happened in the days of Phantom Pain in which he implemented a very similar tactic.

Idle Sloth in these hours would have released one on his official Twitter profile official team note newborn who would claim not to have no contact with Hideo Kojima and that Abandoned is simply a new IP coming soon to PS5. If this were not enough, in these minutes the journalist Jeff Grubb would seem to be convinced that the next project of the good Director is a Xbox exclusive. “I can’t confirm whether Microsoft has already concluded the negotiation with Hideo Kojima, but from what I could understand, the game designer is part of a plan from the Redmond house, which intends to focus on the best Japanese talents”.

Is Kojima working secretly with Microsoft? Is Abandoned really the work of a newly born independent studio? We cannot know for sure, after all, as always, they are mere speculations. The only certain thing is that Kojima Productions is working on a new horror-themed IP, a way also to “take revenge” on Konami for not letting him finish his Silent Hills. It must be said that the well-known Japanese Director is always on everyone’s lips and, despite these denials, the odds that Abandoned may be yet another “joke” are still high.

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