Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Technology Is Brut's SvoD service anti-Netflix?

Is Brut’s SvoD service anti-Netflix?

Can we still find a place in the already crowded audiovisual streaming market? The online media Brut is convinced of this, since it is launching its offer called BrutX this week. It already stands out in terms of price, with a small price of 4.99 euros per month when Netflix starts at 7.99 euros and Disney + at 8.99 euros. But its originality lies elsewhere.

An incisive point of view on the world

In its press release, Brut says it wants to make BrutX a real media in its own right. It is in fact a question of extending the centers of interest which are already the trademark of Brut through its informative videos. Explore the themes around the environment, women’s rights, diversity, solidarity and offer a committed point of view with “Consciousness and meaning”.

The star figures of Brut such as Rémy Buisine, Yagmur Cengiz, Camille Courcy or Charles Villa will be asked to propose a documentary offer “Embodied”.

Difficult subjects do not turn them off, whether they find themselves in the footsteps of child guerrillas, drug cartels or close to crack users. But it will not only be real. Activists, directors, artists and creators will also be in the spotlight.

An audience of young adults

The strategy is almost the opposite of that of Netflix. The American giant wants to reach the widest possible audience around the world with hyper-calibrated content designed to appeal to each segment of the market. Nothing to do either with Disney +, which targets a family audience with its consensual films. With BrutX, Brut casts a narrow net with selective proposals and targets an audience of young adults. Recall that 70% of Brut’s audience would be under 35, according to its founders. The potential is still enormous, since it has totaled 20 billion videos viewed worldwide in 2020 and claims 300 million unique viewers per month.

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“We want to go even further and support committed creators whose stories are changing the world. It is most often the culture, the artists, the fiction which anticipate the change of our societies ”, declared the president of Brut Guillaume Lacroix in the press release.

For its launch, BrutX chose the series as its emblem Poison, which follows the journey of a Spanish transgender muse in the 90s and who really existed.

BrutX is available from April 7 on computer, iOS and Android mobile applications, Orange and Free boxes and televisions on Apple TV, Android TV, or via a Chrome Cast or Airplay.

The official website of BrutX



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