Saturday, April 10, 2021
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It is proposed to allow the establishment of a political party for EU citizens living in Lithuania

According to the Minister of Justice Evelina Dobrovolska, Lithuania must ensure the rights of EU citizens living in Lithuania and incorporate international provisions in line with EU standards into national law.

“We must fully ensure equal legal opportunities for citizens of EU member states together with Lithuanian citizens to exercise their right to participate in political activities, tools provided by party infrastructure: to establish political parties, to be elected to the European Parliament or local councils during elections,” emphasizes E. Dobrovolska.

The Ministry of Justice proposes that an EU citizen who has lived in Lithuania for at least 6 months and has reached the age of 18 could form a political party. However, this proposal does not affect the fact that an EU citizen residing in Lithuania cannot be elected a member of the Seimas or the President of the Republic of Lithuania.

According to the current legal regulation, currently citizens of other European Union member states cannot be founders of political parties in Lithuania.

From 2019 month of January. Citizens of EU member states who have acquired the right to reside in Lithuania and have resided there for at least six months have the opportunity to become members of a political party.

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The establishment of political parties and membership of a political party is not restricted to EU citizens in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Bulgaria and other EU member states.

These amendments to the Law on Political Parties will still have to be approved by the Seimas.



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