Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Technology Ivanti, working remotely increases your IT security budget

Ivanti, working remotely increases your IT security budget

Ivanti presented research showing an exponential increase in IT security budgets to adapt companies to the Everywhere Workplace. 92% of CISOs indicated that this increase is related to the need to implement security measures to enable employees to work remotely.

Four out of five CISOs (80%) also stressed the need to replace passwords with more secure forms of authentication. The study, which involved 400 CISOs across the EMEA area (also interviewing large Italian companies from any sector) found that last year’s average budget for IT security was € 64 million.

According to 81% of CISOs, this figure is set to increase further over the next 12 months. The specific software solutions on which major investments are expected are unified endpoint management (UEM) and biometric authentication.

Although CISOs said they invested more than two-fifths (41%) of last year’s budget in EMU software, four out of five (80%) expect a further increase over the course of 2021. type of investment is aimed at ensuring better management and protection of all devices attempting to access corporate resources from the Everywhere Workplace.

Seven out of ten CISOs (70%) said that the use of biometric authentication, which allows access to company data remotely, is set to increase due to the significant growth in phishing attacks.

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Il 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report di Verizon, found that in 2019, 22% of the breaches occurred involved this type of attack and how they affected 75% of organizations worldwide in 2020.

In this scenario, adopting biometrics-based authentication of mobile devices can prevent this type of attack. In fact, 70% of the interviewees expected a normal increase in investments in this solution while 22% indicated significant increases.

Nigel Seddon, VP EMEA West of Ivanti said: “The birth of the Everywhere Workplace has resulted in a progressive increase in the number of remote devices that access corporate resources, offering cybercriminals new possibilities for exploits. The CISOs must therefore try to guarantee complete visibility on all devices, protecting them and managing them adequately ».

«CISOs, in order to try to better manage the budget allocated to IT security, should consider implementing ‘spend intelligence’ technology. This offers an insight into all software scenarios and application spending across all IT environments, improving operational speed, asset visibility and reducing costs ».

“Spend intelligence – coupled with a zero trust approach and biometric authentication, which protect digital assets from the cloud to the edge, by verifying the device before allowing access to data – will implement a more robust security standard, it will improve the user experience and control IT security spending, taking the pressure off IT teams. “



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