Sunday, April 11, 2021
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“Jatuporn” tickles the Prime Minister responsible Covid epidemic Along with announcing the end of the rally


07 April 2021 – 19:04

“Jatuporn” tickled the Prime Minister responsible Covid epidemic Along with announcing the end of the rally See you after Songkran

Jatuporn Phromphun, President of the Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), said on the people’s unity forum for Thailand that the covid-19 situation, which comes with every rallies, The first round is Thonglor Lumpinee Boxing Stadium And workers in neighboring countries Asked if the person in charge is General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, so we have to show responsibility. That we have superior maturity The person is the prime minister of Thailand. In which the demonstrations will be suspended temporarily Wait for COVID to resolve first. And when will we start? We will announce each other again.

As for the lawsuit, he has signed an attorney to authorize him. Filing a lawsuit against Mr. Sonthaya Sawasdee 3 is defamation, perjury and charge of Section 112 because Section 112 of the Criminal Code does not protect General Prayut.

Ready to leave a message during Songkran to both sides Parties that are state mechanisms If still perverted that the people who came to dismiss General Prayut were the ones on the verge of the institute He will take legal action without exception And leave to the same side Don’t think about it. Because the matter is bigger Is that General Prayut had to leave Then there was the opening of the song Ratchadamnoen to conclude with the announcement that Meet after Songkran

Mr. Chatuporn stated that the political situation from now on That came together at the memorial Do not want to bring a lot of people But I want to use this place to communicate to the Thai people of the whole country to see that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, does not deserve to remain as Prime Minister for even one day. Saw that if General Prayut was absent There will never be any demands and assert the most beautiful democracy is its differences Anyone who believes in it, must fight that belief without contradiction. After being accused of reducing the ceiling of the people’s group

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Therefore, if the people do not unite, they will not be able to win, and what we do, we think well for the nation, and throughout these 15 years, all parties have a history of pain that will never be forgotten. But if the people do not unite, General Prayut will stay in office for another six years, so let’s put our matters aside. And believe that a consensus will come soon

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