Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Business KBTG establishes regional technology company flag in 68

KBTG establishes regional technology company flag in 68

KBTG continues to transform Phase 2 to strengthen Kasikorn Bank’s digital bank in the region by the year ’68 by building a team of developers in China-Vietnam and ready to advance in technology infrastructure. Enhance the work of the developer team in Thailand. New announcement this year increased to 1.9 thousand people.

Ruangroj Poonpol, President of Kasikorn Business-Technology Group Co., Ltd. or KBTG, revealed that this year the company continues to enter phase 2 of transformations to create various innovations. And supports Kasikorn Bank to move towards digital banking and become a financial service in the future, and lay the foundation of technology for expansion to various countries. Regions of KASIKORNBANK Continuing from last year it established a Tech Company in China under the name K Tech and the Tech Institute in Vietnam. After Kasikorn Bank receives a license (License) to open a branch in Vietnam.

For the second phase of the transmissions between 2021-2023, KBTG will become an organization capable of driving holistic automation. In 2021, KBTG has set up DevX, a department that will help. Create a good work experience for developers. There is software to support the work of developers. Assist in the security review process, code review, automated systems to help test. Then loading to the cloud more flexible

In addition, with the creation of the Innovation Runway platform and the readiness of Data Scientist personnel, along with a quality database, KBTG will evolve into an AI factory capable of developing models 12 times faster, enabling production to meet changing market demands. Meanwhile, KBTG has been working on the Tech Kampus project, in which KBTG collaborates with 7 institutions to do co-research with them to deliver the deep tech innovation to be seen throughout the year.

As for the transformation to a regional technology company, KBTG currently has a technology company in China under the name K Tech, which will recruit an additional 80 technology workers, while in Vietnam. In which KBank received a license to operate that branch, KBTG continues to recruit more than 100 quality technology personnel to attend the event. It will have to organize a team in Vietnam by the third quarter of this year, ready to drive the quest for technology and the development of digital banking services for Kasikornbank as a regional digital banking service provider.

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In addition, the technology trends that KBTG has started to explore and prepare are A financial system that uses blockchain technology to replace intermediaries such as financial institutions. (Decentralized Finance or DeFi) by KBTG has established Kubix, a company under the KBTG group, to pilot DeFi in collaboration with the Stock Exchange of Thailand to create an ICO Portal, a new alternative to fund raising or investing through digital assets (Digital Asset) which raises funds. It is performed by converting existing assets into digital assets in the form of digital tokens. And raise funds through Initial Coin Offering or ICO

The ICO Portal is the advisor and manager of the digital token offering to investors in the first market, decentralize finance with asset-backed forms. Which has implications for the real economy It is an alternative for businesses to raise funds. And as an alternative to investors Establishing Financial Inclusion, KBTG believes that financial institutions centralized by CenFi and Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, will be able to coexist with the most readily available service providers.

Mr. Ruangroj Said at the end that KBTG is aiming to be A full-fledged regional technology company by 2025 ready to support Kasikornbank expanding into the region with an asset light approach and going digital first with the availability of infrastructure. Personnel potential, language skill re-skills And a strong corporate culture, aiming for 2021 to have KBTG employees across the region increase from 1,500 to 1,900.



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