Sunday, April 11, 2021
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KNVB aims at 12,000 spectators per European Championship match in Amsterdam | Football

“It’s great that we are on track for a European Championship with an audience,” says Gijs de Jong, tournament director in Amsterdam. „This is a historic tournament, of which the Netherlands is a part. There should simply be an audience. We look forward to receiving 12,000 spectators in the Johan Cruijff ArenA, but realize that the corona virus is unpredictable and there are no guarantees. However, we remain hopeful that the situation in June will have improved to such an extent that even more spectators can attend. ”

No later than this Wednesday, the twelve playing cities had to submit their plans about the intended minimum number of spectators for the European Championship matches in their stadiums. Last month UEFA had emphasized through chairman Aleksander Ceferin that playing football in empty European Championship stadiums would not be an option for UEFA. Without a guarantee from the public at the European Championship duels, the relevant host countries might have to give up their European Championship duels.

The ambition of at least 12,000 spectators, with the hope of more, has been jointly expressed by the KNVB, the cabinet and the municipality of Amsterdam. “It is fantastic that the minister and the mayor of Amsterdam are also confident that a European Championship with an audience in June can take place in a safe, responsible and festive way,” says De Jong.

In the Dutch European Championship scenario submitted to UEFA, at least 25 percent of the stadium’s net capacity is assumed. All visitors who want to attend the European Championship duels in Amsterdam must comply with the then applicable safety protocols and are only allowed access when they show a negative result of a corona test.

Based on the results of the various Fieldlab studies and the expected corona situation in June, the KNVB, the Ministry of VWS and the municipality of Amsterdam are looking into whether it is possible to increase the percentage of spectators. If the state of the pandemic in June is worse than estimated, the number of spectators can also be adjusted downwards. A so-called ‘stop button’ has been included in the protocol for this purpose.

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The Johan Cruijff ArenA is the setting for the European Championship group matches of the Netherlands against Ukraine (June 13), Austria (June 17) and North Macedonia (June 21). An eighth final is scheduled for 26 June.



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