Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Large parts of the Netherlands turn white: ’15 cm of snow at Drielandenpunt ‘| Inland

Especially in the east of the country there was snow, in some places there is about 5 centimeters. In the east of Brabant and Limburg, where it continues to snow on Wednesday, even more is added, up to 10 centimeters locally in the Limburg hills. “This makes this a very special situation for April,” said the weather agency.

With the exception of the northwest, the KNMI warns for local slippery snow. In the (north) western coastal area, be careful because of heavy gusts of wind, which can reach speeds of 80 to 100 kilometers per hour. During the course of the day the wind decreases and the snow also changes from the northwest to rain. Hail or sleet may still fall inland. The snow that is already there is melting away again because of the softer air. It will be about 7 degrees.

“In itself, snow in April is not very special, but 15 cm is really a lot. The most April snow ever was 20 cm on April 11, 1978 in Renesse ”, reports a meteorologist from Weeronline.

Freezing point

In the night to Thursday it will be dry and it will freeze slightly: in some places the mercury can drop to -3 or -4 degrees and on the ground even colder. Thursday is dry and slightly warmer than Wednesday, 7 to 10 degrees.



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