Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Latest Prices to Serving Stations – The train antigen rapid test has recently become a topic that is quite busy talking. This is because PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) has lowered the tariff for checking the rapid antigen train tests for long-distance passengers.

The tariff for the train’s rapid antigen test, which was previously priced at Rp. 105,000, has been reduced to Rp. 85,000 for each inspection. Previously, PT KAI had increased the GeNose inspection rate from Rp. 20,000 to Rp. 30,000 which took effect from March 20, 2021.

The Public Relations Manager of PT KAI for the Operational Area (Daop) 8 Surabaya, Luqman Arif said that the reduction in the tariff for the new Rapid Test Antigen examination took effect on Friday (9/4/2021). What are the requirements for carrying out a carriage antigen rapid test?

How To Get A Rapid Car Antigen Test

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To be able to carry out an antigen rapid test at the station, prospective passengers must have a ticket or booking code for Long Distance Train (KAJJ) that has been paid off. In accordance with SE No.12 / 2021 of the Task Force for Handling COVID-19 and SE No. 27/2021 of the Ministry of Transportation, the validity period of the negative result of the antigen rapid test is 3 × 24 hours from the time of sampling.

Latest Car Antigen Rapid Test (instagram)

List of Stations Serving Rapid Antigen Test

The Antigen Rapid Test service is currently available at 43 stations, which is the result of the BUMN synergy between KAI and Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia through its subsidiary, Rajawali Nusindo and other parties.

The details of the stations that serve the Antigen Rapid Test in Java are:

  1. Gambir
  2. Senen Market
  3. Bandung
  4. Kiaracondong
  5. Tasikmalaya
  6. Banjar
  7. Cirebon
  8. Cirebon Prujakan
  9. Jatibarang
  10. Semarang Poncol
  11. Semarang Tawang
  12. Tegal
  13. Pekalongan
  14. Cepu
  15. Purwokerto
  16. Kutoarjo
  17. Kroya
  18. Yogyakarta
  19. Lempuyangan
  20. Solo Racing
  21. Klaten
  22. Madiun
  23. Blitar
  24. Jombang
  25. Kediri
  26. Kertosono
  27. Tulungagung
  28. Surabaya Gubeng
  29. Surabaya Pasar Turi
  30. Poor
  31. Sidoarjo
  32. Mojokerto
  33. Jember
  34. Ketapang

The stations that serve the Antigen Rapid Test on the island of Sumatra are:

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  1. Kertapati
  2. Everything
  3. Lubuk Linggau
  4. For example Muara
  5. Prabumulih
  6. High cliffs
  7. Tanjungkarang
  8. Kotabumi
  9. King stone

Trains that do not require a Covid-19 test



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