Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Latest situation in dollar and euro

The Borsa Istanbul Index (BIST100) completed Thursday, when it fluctuated between 1,416 and 1,430 points, with a decrease of 0.09 percent, at 1,416.55 points. At the close, BIST Industry Index increased 0.15 percent, BIST Financial Index decreased 0.38 percent and BIST Services Index increased 0.36 percent.

In transactions in foreign exchange markets;

After the dollar saw the lowest 8.1219 lira and the highest 8.1689 lira, in the range of 8.15 – 8.16 lira,

After the euro saw the lowest 9.6700 lira and the highest 9.7257 lira, in the range of 9.70 – 9.71 lira,

The pound was moving in the range of 11.19 – 11.20 lira after seeing the lowest 11.1622 lira and the highest 11.2143 lira.

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The euro / dollar parity, which moved between 1.18871 – 1.19210 in global markets, was at the level of 1.19069.

In the daily market bulletin of Gedik Yatırım, it was stated that “We expect the BIST-100 Index to start the day with a nearly horizontal opening” and added:

“We saw that the volumeless and indecisive outlook in the index continued yesterday, similar to the foreign markets.

“In the index, where the weak course of technical indicators continues, the ongoing closings below 1.423, which we have noted recently, indicates a weak course.

“As we stated yesterday, we will watch the range between 1.383 and 1.371 as a much more important support of 1.400 and below in the index.

“Squeezing below this region may cause the short-term outlook to deteriorate much more. Above, it was among the important resistances we watched in 1.445 before 1.462. As long as this is not overcome, we will continue to approach cautiously against daily increases”



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