Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Technology Learn Python for Data Science for only $ 11.99 with Udemy

Learn Python for Data Science for only $ 11.99 with Udemy

Udemy, the appreciated world leader e-learning platform, proposes a new offer within its wide catalog of courses: for a limited period, in fact, it is possible to access the bestselling online course on demand “Python AZ: Python for Data Science with real exercises” for only 11.99 euros instead of 129.99 euros, with a 91% discount! This is an incredible offer, made even more interesting by the fact that Udemy offers an on demand service, conveniently usable from any device, at any time and without any time constraints.

The “Python AZ: Python for Data Science with Real Exercises” course is created by Hydrant Arias, a Cuban-born software engineer who lives in Turin and who has worked for many Italian companies on the creation of web applications with the latest technologies, such as Swift, Java, Php, MySQL, Oracle, CSS, Gtml, NodeJS and Mongodb, and Javascript libraries such as Angular 6, Ionic 3, ExtJS and JQuery. Hidran Arias has received a 4.4 out of 5 star rating and thousands of positive reviews.

In detail, the course consists of 71 lessons divided into 7 different sections for a total duration of 9 hours and 49 minutes. Thanks to the teachings of Hidran Arias, you will have an important starting point that will allow you to develop your programming skills in Python gradually through real-time examples.

The course aims to teach the student a new and valuable Python concept after each video, directly applicable to real tasks. This system stimulates the student to face real-life analytical challenges and is designed for all skill levels, even if they have no programming experience or background in statistics. Students will learn how to use lists, functions, matrices, Data Frames, advanced data visualizations and much more. Also don’t forget that the Q&A section is available for direct contact between teacher and student, essential for learning the concepts of the course and eliminating any doubts.

To follow the course “Python AZ: Python for Data Science with real exercises” furthermore, no in-depth previous knowledge is required. In fact, this course is intended and dedicated to all those who want to learn programming in Python in a simple and practical way, through tasks that will gradually increase their knowledge.

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We remind you that the price of 11.99 euros is limited in time, so if you are interested in the bestselling online course “Python AZ: Python for Data Science with real exercises” it is an opportunity to be seized on the fly. Furthermore, the purchase of the package guarantees constant updates included in the price and, once the payment has been made, you will still have one month to request a refund, so that you can test the quality of the course yourself.

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The guarantee on the the quality of the courses offered and Udemy’s e-learning skills is attested by over 50 million students from more than 190 countries, who have chosen it as a platform, and from over 57,000 teachers who teach 130,000 courses in more than 60 languages. An immense catalog for a reality that over the years has become a real reference point for distance learning, revolutionizing the very concept of digital training.



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