Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Technology LG promises long-term updates to existing smartphones

LG promises long-term updates to existing smartphones

South Korea-based technology giant LGrecently announced that it is out of the smartphone market. That will not be a problem for some existing devices.

LG, He finally made the clearest explanation expected. Accordingly, the company’s existing smartphone models released after 2019 will receive the main Android update for three years.

Phones that will receive updates consist of G series, V series, Velvet and Wing models. The full models are as follows:

  • G8 ThinQ
  • -G8x ThinQ
  • -G8s ThinQ
  • -V50 ThinQ
  • -V60 ThinQ
  • -Velvet
  • -Wing

In the meantime, the company announces that it will update two main operating systems to some affordable models. Some Stylo and K series phones released in 2020 are mentioned here.

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It seems nice that LG will not upset people about updating. Especially high-end device owners will be able to continue using their phones for a long time without selling them.

As you know, the company’s dual-screen smartphone Wing interesting, including some smartphone models were sold in Turkey.

It may attract your attention

Why did LG exit the phone market?

Too long on the phone side Explaining the damage LGexplained that they made the exit decision in order to focus on different areas.

The company states that they can focus better on areas such as electric auto parts, smart devices, artificial intelligence, and smart homes if they come out by the damaged phone.

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