Monday, April 19, 2021
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Home Technology LG's most efficient renewable energy solution: LG NeON H

LG’s most efficient renewable energy solution: LG NeON H

LGunveiled its new solar panel. LG NeON H The solar panel named has the company’s innovative N-type semi-cut cells. Providing high power output, the panel comes with a 25-year warranty backing.

The LG NeON H solar panel is cited as the ideal solution for both residential and commercial applications, as it offers carbon-free energy and long-term reliability in a package that offers improved performance compared to the previous model. While most of the solar panels on the market today use positive type cells, LG NeON H uses negative N-type cells with a temperature coefficient of -33 percent per degree Celsius. The bifacial cell structure of the N-type cells enables the cells to absorb sunlight from both the front and the back. As a result, the panel produces a maximum of 390W from its 120 cell, providing superior output while minimizing power loss.

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The durable energy solution can withstand harsh weather conditions. It is also known for its performance loss from exposure to sunlight and resistance to light degradation (LID) in the first hours after installation.

LG made a statement on the subject

LG Electronics Business Solutions Company Vice President and Head of Energy Business Unit Kevin Kim “Our new NeON H solar panel is the most reliable and efficient renewable energy solution LG has created. “LG is one of only a handful of manufacturers with the confidence to offer a quarter-century warranty for solar products, continuing its commitment to providing efficient and effective solutions that stand the test of time.”

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