Friday, April 23, 2021
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Localization studio Frognation confirmed participation in Elden Ring and commented on the development of the game

A Reddit user under the pseudonym Adlocutio drew attention to a March interview with Frognation employee Ryan Morris, who confirmed the studio’s involvement in the localization of Elden Ring and commented on the development progress.

Fans began to suspect Frognation’s involvement in the creation of Elden Ring back in 2019 – the translators published a post announcing the game on their Facebook, but until recently no one made an official announcement.

Frognation has contributed to the translation of all major From Software games (text, casting, dubbing) from Japanese, from the original Demon’s Souls to Deracine.

It is noteworthy that the localizers had nothing to do with Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (the project was entirely occupied by Activision). As a result, the English version of the game is considered by the fans to be the weakest in the recent history of From Software.

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As for the progress in the creation of the Elden Ring, then towards the end of the video attached above (from the mark 7:18), Morris has time to mention that the case “Progressing well”.

Typically, large companies start localization issues near the end of the development cycle. According to unofficial information, by the beginning of 2021, Elden Ring had just reached one of the final stages of production.

Elden Ring is announced for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and the project still has no release date or timeline. At the beginning of March, a trailer was leaked to the Internet piece by piece, which, apparently, was not intended to be shown publicly.

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