Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Business LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona continues to add talent

LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona continues to add talent

With a focus on content, innovation and new formats and after years of growth with clients with integrated needs, LOLA Barcelona incorporates new talents.

Emilio Holguin joins LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona as Creative Director. He brings his experience from Vice Media where the philosophy is that all brands should be cultures, blurring the lines between advertising, editorial and entertainment. His focus is on that each territory that is born you have to know the culture in the first person to dominate the elusive – the attention and the relevance. With a critical eye and questioning everything from messages to formats, the challenge for Emilio is that brands transcend culturally. His experience in the sector is more than 12 years old and he has worked with brands such as San Miguel, J&B, Samsung, Ray Ban, LIDL, Ford, DGT and more. He is Academic Director at Brother and has previously worked in agencies such as FCB, DDB, LOLA Madrid and Ogilvy.

“At LOLA we are lucky to have a team with very good chemistry and a lot of talent. We are proud to continue to strengthen our agency with current profiles for the needs of our clients and the growth of LOLA«, Nacho Oñate, Nestor Garcia, ECDs LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona.

Marta Taboada is a multi-disciplinary creative and passionate about the DIY movement. Designs, illustrates, sews, paints and writes, looking for the best solution to solve problems with creativity. After completing her internship at Serviceplan Madrid, she did the Creatives Club Tour and began working as an Art Director at the Ms. Rushmore agency, where for 4 years she worked with brands such as MINI, Vodafone, ONCE and EA Sports. She is currently the Art Director at LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona.

Marc Xifré is a hybrid profile with proven experience in creativity and strategic planning. In 2017 he began his advertising career as a copywriter at Y&R Madrid, where he worked mainly for clients such as beIN Sports, Movistar, Powerade, Opel or Svenson. In 2019 he became Mrs. Rushmore where he developed projects for EA Sports, LaLiga, Once and Vodafone among others until the beginning of 2021. He currently works at LOLA MullenLowe Barcelona and is a professor of Conceptualization at Brother Madrid. His work has been recognized at festivals such as Cannes Lions and the CdeC.

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