Monday, April 19, 2021
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LONDON. “Romanian Classics in English”, series of events dedicated to Liviu Rebreanu with the translation of the novel Ciuleandra

The series of events dedicated to the Romanian writer Liviu Rebreanu will be launched online by ICR London, on the Facebook page of the representation, on Wednesday, April 7, at 19.00 (London time). The program lasts ten days and is occasioned by the launch of the English translation of the novel Ciuleandra by Cadmus Press.

When I first started my “Interbellum Series” project, which involves translating works from interwar literature, I knew from the beginning that I wanted to translate Ciuleandra. Not only is it one of the greatest and most famous works of Romanian literature, but I felt that its drama and passion will convince an international audience. Interestingly, I just came across one of his interviews Max Blecher (currently translating The Enlightened Den) in which he claimed that Rebreanu, perhaps more than any other author, deserves to have his work translated into other languages, he claims Gabi Reigh, translator of the novel Ciuleandra. She adds that Ciuleandra also has a personal significance: I still have my grandfather’s Romanian copy in the library in my house in England, so I feel that, translating and seeing the two books together, I connect to an important chapter in my life, my childhood in Romania.


April 7 – Introductory lecture on Liviu Rebreanu and his work, supported by Mihai Ene, writer and university lecturer.

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8th of April – Launching the English translation of the novel Ciuleandra. Talk between Gabi Reigh, translators and George T. Sipos, the author of the preface. On this occasion, the actor Alin Balașcan will read excerpts from the book, and the double bass player Michael Cretu will release a musical composition inspired by Ciuleandra.

April 11 – Film screening Ciuleandra (1985), directed by him Sergiu Nicolaescu, Romania’s nomination for the 1985 Oscars. The film is subtitled in English.

April 13 – Lecture given by Cristian Mușa, ethnocoreologist (Constantin Brăiloiu Institute of Ethnography and Folklore), about the symbolism of the Ciuleandra dance.

April 14 – Presentation of the Memorial House “Liviu and Fanny Rebreanu” (National Museum of Romanian Literature), in English.

April 16 – Broadcasting the show “The Forest of the Hanged” (Bucharest National Theater), directed by Radu Afrim. With English subtitles, valid for 48 hours, exclusively in the UK.

All events start at 19.00.



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